Garden Planter with Trellis for Climbers

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Bespoke handmade planter box - with attached trellis panel - great for climbers or support for vegetables.
The planter and battens are made with A grade treated decking timber boards which are also pressure treated.

This planter comes with small battens fitted to the base to allow the planter to breathe and keeps the planter off the ground.  The planter is lined with a membrane and has holes drilled in the bottom to allow for drainage.

The holes for the trellis are pre-drilled in the planter but the trellis and the planter are dispatched unattached to allow for ease of transportation.  It is a five minute job to re-attach the trellis to the planter.

Planter dimensions -
900mm Long (90cm) x 400mm Wide (40cm) x 600mm Height (60cm)
Trellis panel dimensions -
900mm wide (90cm) x 1800mm height (180cm)

Can be stained or painted by you  with a suitable outdoor stain/paint if desired.
As this is a handmade, bespoke item, please allow 14-21 days delivery.